From the strong, graceful presence of a Feadship to the reassuring comfort of a Rolls-Royce and the luxurious drape of a cashmere suit from Bijan, quality branding is an extremely valuable part of our everyday lives. It has actually become the basis upon which many important purchases are made. Finally, that same advantage is available for our most significant purchases of all: our estates and our yachts.

Now, Ten dynamic professionals have come together—united by a mutual respect for, and appreciation of, each other's quality craftsmanship and unsurpassed service in residential construction and superyacht refitting. The “Dream Team” is comprised of experts who are regarded as masters in their fields. They share the same solid commitment to their clients, for whom they create interior and exterior masterpieces on estates and yachts around the globe. Each prestigious player works independently, but steadfastly stands behind the remarkable workmanship of his fellow Dream Team members. Together, their expertise can make your most exquisite dreams come true, whether you're building a new home, renovating an existing estate, or refitting a prized yacht.

This elite network of professionals offers the most discerning buyer the same trust and reliability that comes with a quality product. each widely recognized as the best of the best worldwide. From breathtaking aesthetics to incomparable safety and security features, the Dream Team is the quintessential source for the most important components of your home, corporate headquarters, and yacht.

The Dream Team's mission statement is as succinct as its promise to its clients:

"Simply the very best."